China Hot selling Hot Sale Weifang Ricardo Series 1800rpm, 2200rpm, 2400rpm, 3000rpm 20kw-332kw Diesel Engine with Output Shaft/Wpt Clutch/Pto slip clutch pto shaft

Product Description


Product Description

Power Unit Engines
Model  Cylinder NO. Displacement (Liter)  Bore * stroke Rated power
ZH2110D 2 2.22 110*117 19.5 880*700*1050
ZH490D 4 2.54 90*100 21 980*700*1050
K4100D 4 3.61 100*115 30.1 1200*760*1200
K4100ZD 4 3.61 100*115 40 1200*760*1200
ZH4105ZD 4 3.98 105*115 50 1150*760*1120
ZH4105ZLD 4 3.98 105*115 60 1150*760*1120
R4105D 4 4.33 105*125 42 1120*760*1180
R4105ZD 4 4.33 105*125 56 1120*760*1180
R6105ZD 6 6.49 105*125 84 1650*760*1260
R6105AZD 6 6.75 105*130 88 1650*760*1260
R6105AZLD 6 6.75 105*130 110 1650*760*1260
R6105IZLD 6 7.01 105*135 132 1650*760*1260
R6108IZLD 6 7.42 108*135 156 1400*760*1260
R6126ZLD 6 9.73 126*130 225 1850*850*1280
R6126AZLD 6 10.1 126*135 231 1850*850*1280
R618ZLD 6 11.6 126*155 332 1850*850*1280

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Company Profile

ZheJiang Ruiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in China power city HangZhou , ZheJiang , China.Our main products are diesel generating set, gas generator set,diesel engine,diesel waterpump set,etc.

Diesel engine products including HangZhou whole series diesel engines, ZH2110,ZH490,ZH4100,ZH4105,R6105,6126ZLD,618ZLD,etc.which use the Ricardo technology. Power 15-225 kw, speed 1500-2200r/min 3000r/min, with low fuel consumption, reliability, torque, good operation, maintenance and other convenient features. Widely used in power generating,, fixed operations, firefighting, and other fields. 

We have an excellent sales team that has been Work in this industry for 8-10 years,can provide you the most suitable products according to your requirement. Our technical team has been work in the industry for 15 to 30 years, with rich experience, and can help you solve problems.

Welcome to contact us at any time!


Our Advantages


Wide power range & flexible in coupling& configuration: enginecan be applied to canopy generator sets, open shelf generatorsets, trailer generator sets and etc;
Low failure rate.
Low fuel consumption;
Low noise level;
Advanced cooling system is adopted for high temperatureenvironment;


Packaging & Shipping




Q1: what is your power range of your diesel engine?
A: Power 15-225 kw, speed 1500-2200r/min 3000r/min

Q2.What is the packing method? Mode of transportation?
A:plywood or Pearl cotton packaging,plastic films,or cumstomized as you requirement.

Q3. How long is your delivery time?
A:2-6 weeks

Q3: What is your terms of payment ?
A: T/T 30% in advance and  TT 70% balance paid before shipment or 100% LC at sight.
Q4: What is your warranty period?
A: Our payment terms is 1 year or 1000 running hours whichever comes first. But based on some special project, we can extended our warranty period.

Q5: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year or 1000 Running Hours
Ignition Mode: Compression-Ignition
Speed: 1500rpm
Cooling Cylinder: Water-Cooled
Intake Pressure Impulse: Supercharged
Piston Movement: Reciprocating
US$ 5000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Shaft Collar

PTO Shaft Safety Chains

PTO shaft is the part of a tractor that helps transfer power from the tractor to the equipment it is hooked to. A PTO shaft is important if you have a tiller or bush hog. The correct PTO shaft size is crucial for both the tractor and the equipment. If the PTO shaft size is not correct for your equipment, it may not work.
Shaft Collar

Safety chains

<br/Safety chains are an essential part of securing your PTO shaft. They prevent a rotating plastic shield from coming loose and causing injury or damage. It is important to protect your PTO and any other drive shafts on your machine. Watch the video below for more information about the dangers of unguarded PTOs.
PTOs are an efficient way to transfer mechanical power between tractors and implements. They helped revolutionize North American agriculture during the 1930s. Despite their convenience, PTOs have also proven to be one of the most common farm machinery hazards. This fact sheet outlines several important PTO safety precautions.
Safety chains for PTO shafts are necessary to protect both tractor and implement from damage. The PTO shaft must be attached properly to the tractor and the implement before starting the equipment. Before operating, be sure that the safety chains are positioned in a way that allows them to fully move. When operating the PTO, avoid being too aggressive as this can damage the drive line and shaft. For further safety, make sure to fit a torque limiter or clutch on the implement end of the PTO shaft.
PTOs are great for plowing, mowing, and shredding, but they also have potential to cause injuries if you don’t use a safety chain. It’s best to get a chain that is long enough to prevent injuries. Also, be sure that the PTO shaft does not compress completely at any point during the operating range. There should be several inches of overlap in the longest operating extension of the PTO.
Another common hazard with PTOs is IID shafts. While many machines and tractors have driveline guards, these are often missing. If you have a PTO with an IID, you should consider installing a safety chain.


A swingable tractor PTO shaft shield assembly consists of an inverted U-shaped shield member slidably attached to a bracket. It extends above the PTO shaft and has several notches and pins that engage each other. It can be held in a number of positions and can be retracted when not in use. It also includes a cover member that covers the space between the shield and tractor and abuts the raised portion of the shield member.
The PTO shaft shield is typically made of plastic, but it can also be made of metal. Plastic is less likely to break or damage than metal. The shield is supported by a bracket 51 with a curved distal end 57 and a non-metallic guard 59. When used in conjunction with a bracket, a PTO shaft shield should be properly installed to prevent damage to the shaft.
Keeping the PTO shaft shield in good condition is crucial to the safety of your tractor and your workers. An improperly installed PTO shaft shield can result in severe injuries. It may also ensnare or strike people in the vicinity. Proper maintenance will prevent many of these injuries. Equipment manufacturers have made great strides in reducing the risks of PTO mishaps. Operators are also responsible for keeping the shields in good condition. Removing the guards will only increase the risk to the operator.
A PTO shaft shield is a tubular assembly that is mounted on the tractor PTO shaft. It consists of two telescopic pieces that are held in place by shield support bearings. This shield protects the PTO shaft and the universal joints from debris and prevents premature wear. The shield can be easily removed and replaced if necessary.
Shaft Collar

IID shaft guard

The IID shaft guard is a safety device used to protect PTO powered machinery from the possibility of separating while in use. The shaft, which is a telescoping shaft, is attached to the PTO stub on tractors. The telescopic feature is convenient when moving across uneven ground. However, this type of shaft can cause serious injury if it separates while in use.
The IID shaft guard can prevent these injuries by completely covering the shaft. The guard is made of metal or plastic and rotates along with the shaft. A person can react in less than five tenths of a second, making the IID shaft guard an important part of PTO safety.
PTO shafts rotate at speeds as high as 540 rpm, which is very fast. A limb could be wrapped around the driveline shaft, causing a serious injury or death. Because of the speed of a PTO, it can be difficult for an individual to discern whether it is engaged or not and may not be aware of the danger.
An IID shaft guard should be fitted to every tractor PTO shaft. It should be tested and rotated regularly. It is also important to keep the tractor engine off when working around the PTO shaft. Using a drawbar to protect driveline components is also important. It will prevent stress on the driveline and reduce the possibility of separation.

Overrunning clutch

An overrunning clutch on a PTO shaft is a mechanism that allows the PTO shaft to rotate freely in one direction while restricting the speed of the implement being hauled behind the tractor. This clutch is also useful for preventing the speed of the implement from exceeding the speed of the tractor while slowing down. It comes in two basic configurations, one for a clockwise and the other for a counter-clockwise direction.
Another type of overrun clutch is used on tractors with a PTO driven bush hog. A bush hog has a flywheel and blades that drive the transmission through the PTO shaft. Without an overrunning clutch, these implements would freewheel while the tractor is driving and would potentially break the shaft.
A PTO overrunning clutch prevents power from backfeeding into the transmission, the part that transmits power to the rear wheels. Without an overrunning clutch, the tractor could backfeed power, causing an accident if the blade assembly hits an object. As such, it is essential to use the overrunning clutch to ensure that your tractor will be safe.

Direction of rotation

Despite its name, the direction of rotation of a PTO shaft can change if necessary. Most PTOs have a single-direction rotation, but you can often reverse the direction by installing a reverse PTO adapter. However, you should only use reverse PTOs when absolutely necessary.
A standard PTO rotation direction has been defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is considered necessary to adhere to this standard, as improper rotation can cause damage to implements attached to a PTO. This standard helps farmers avoid problems such as ruined implements. While the direction of rotation of a PTO shaft is not always the same for all PTOs, there are some tractors that allow it to rotate both ways, while others have no restrictions.
The direction of rotation of a PTO shaft can be changed by using a hydraulic pump. Another way to connect a PTO is through a “sandwich” type split shaft unit. These units are mounted between the transmission and engine, and they usually receive drive directly from the engine shaft. They can also deliver complete engine power to a PTO. However, you must modify your vehicle’s driveline to install such a split-shaft unit.
China Hot selling Hot Sale Weifang Ricardo Series 1800rpm, 2200rpm, 2400rpm, 3000rpm 20kw-332kw Diesel Engine with Output Shaft/Wpt Clutch/Pto   slip clutch pto shaftChina Hot selling Hot Sale Weifang Ricardo Series 1800rpm, 2200rpm, 2400rpm, 3000rpm 20kw-332kw Diesel Engine with Output Shaft/Wpt Clutch/Pto   slip clutch pto shaft
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